My Prescriptions and Kjernejournal

My Prescriptions allows you who have received one or more electronic prescriptions (e-prescriptions) an overview of the medicine/items assigned to you. Kjernejournal is a collection of your health records that can be used when in need of urgent medical access.

Web tools for you to access kjernejournal and prescripstions.
Foto: Johnér Bildbyrå AB

To access My Prescriptions you will have to log in and this requires an electronic ID.

For those with access

Log in to My Prescriptions

Gives you an overview of

  • your valid prescriptions

  • medicines/items assigned to you at the pharmacy/supplier and the number of dispenses that may remain


Information about eHealth in Norway

More information about eHealth in development in Norway.

Kjernejournal (Summary Care Record)

Kjernejournal is a new service and is an addition to the medical records kept by general practitioners (GP), out-of-hours services and hospitals. Kjernejournal will contribute to safer patient treatment, and may save lives.