Temporary changes to the legislation concerning exceeded waiting times

As a result of the corona pandemic, it is essential that the specialist health service’s resources are used as effectively as possible. A temporary regulation was therefore introduced concerning changes to health legislation. Many of the temporary changes ceased May 27. 2020, but the exception concerning cases involving exceeded waiting times, still applies.

Foto: Morten Rakke

The specialist health service is again obliged to set waiting times, but the following temporary changes still applies:

  • The specialist health service is no longer obliged to notify Helfo of cases involving exceeded waiting times.
  • Patients can no longer report exceeded waiting times themselves.
  • Patients are no longer entitled to receive an alternative offer of treatment from Helfo in the event of their waiting time being exceeded. You have however the right to choose where you want to be examined/treated.

The changes may mean that you have to wait longer for assessment or treatment. However, all patients will be entitled to essential healthcare within an appropriate period of time. 

Helfo will continue to process cases which have already been reported in the normal way. Patients currently being treated in a pathway by one of Helfo's suppliers can continue their assessment/treatment unchanged.