Involuntary childlessness and assisted reproduction

If you and your partner require assisted reproductive treatment for involuntary childlessness, Helfo can cover your expenses on the cost of hormone therapy exceeding the fixed minimum user fee you have to pay yourself. You will need to provide a statement from a doctor indicating the type of treatment you are receiving.

Foto: Morten Rakke / Helfo

To be eligible for reimbursement from Helfo of your expenses on assisted reproductive treatment/infertility treatment, you must meet the requirements for treatment of involuntary childlessness in the Norwegian Act relating to the application of biotechnology in medicine (in Norwegian). This scheme is open to both women and men.

Under the Norwegian National Insurance Act (§ 5-22) (in Norwegian) you may be eligible for the following types of assisted reproductive treatment:

  • fertilisation outside the body (IVF treatment or ICSI treatment)
  • insemination (AIH/AID)
  • hormone stimulation, where fertilisation occurs naturally and involving no medical intervention
  • PGD procedure (Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis: genetic testing of the embryo before insertion into the uterus)

If you have been referred to a specialist and have been offered infertility treatment, you can have up to three attempts (cycles) per child covered.

Information about reimbursement of expenses on infertility treatment within the EU/EEA

Information about expenses on fertility drugs within the EU/EEA (in Norwegian)

Information about reimbursement of expenses on infertility treatment outside the EU/EEA (in Norwegian)

Six-month time limit for infertility treatment claims

Your doctor's statement and original, itemised receipts as proof of your expenses must be sent in to Helfo. As soon as you reach the maximum user-fee payable (NOK 18,067 in 2020) you must then send us your receipts within six months of each fertility drug purchase. This applies even if you have not obtained a doctor's statement. You must then send in the doctor's statement as soon as possible.

If you fail to send in your receipts within the time limit, your claim will be too late.

What is a 'cycle' and a 'birth'?

Your entitlement to free drugs for IVF treatment and ICSI treatment is limited to three cycles (or 'attempts') per child. The retrieval of eggs and reintroduction of fertilised eggs in the woman's uterus is defined as one cycle. 

If more eggs are fertilised and frozen after egg retrieval, the insertion of stored fertilised eggs is not treated as a new cycle. When a pregnancy has lasted for 26 weeks, delivery of the baby is defined as a birth.

If stored eggs from previous retrievals are used for sibling cycles, this will not be treated as a complete cycle. You will still have to pay a new user fee if you start a new treatment cycle after giving birth.

If a couple wants to have more children, Helfo can subsidise drugs for three new cycles (sibling cycle). This applies both after a birth resulting from successful treatment within the first three cycles; after a subsequent self-financed cycle; and following unassisted fertilisation.

In the case of a change of partner, Helfo can grant reimbursement for three new cycles.

If the couple consists of two women, you can share the three cycles between you. Helfo only grants reimbursement to one woman if both women receive fertility treatment at the same time.

Doctor's statement for each cycle

For each attempt (including FET cycles and discontinued cycles), you must obtain a medical statement from your treatment provider:

​«Erklæring fra lege som utøver sin praksis i Norge ved søknad om dekning av legemidler - Infertilitetsbehandling (05-22.23)» Bokmål

You must send in the physician statement to support your claim for reimbursement of your expenses on fertility drugs.

Send your claim to Helfo

Once you have started the infertility treatment, you can send in your claim for reimbursement of expenses to Helfo.

You must enclose itemised receipts (or pharmacy lists) as proof of your expenses. These must state

  • name of patient
  • name of drug
  • price of drug
  • purchase date
  • name of prescribing physician

You must also enclose a physician statement with your claim.

If the claim relates to PGD treatment, you must enclose the decision letter from the PGD board.

Complete this form:

«Søknad om refusjon til legemidler ved infertilitetsbehandling i Norge (05-22.20)» Bokmål

and send it with the physician statement and original, itemised receipts to Helfo, Postboks 2415, 3104 Tønsberg. You must send your claim to Helfo not later than 6 months after each fertility drug purchase.

Purchasing fertility drugs

You must either use drugs marketed in Norway or drugs containing the same active ingredient as equivalent drugs marketed in Norway.  

If there are special reasons for you to be treated with drugs not marketed in Norway, your treatment provider must make the claim on your behalf. Special reasons are when

  • marketed drugs have been tried but not had the desired effect
  • marketed drugs have had unwanted side effects

Claim processing time

If Helfo requires more than one month to process your claim, Helfo must notify you of this.

The claims processing time at Helfo is up to ten weeks.

Information about infertility treatment

​If you have any questions, please call Veiledning (user service) at telephone number +47 23 32 70 00.