Changing your regular doctor

If you have the right to a regular General Practitioner (GP)/family doctor, you can find and register with your choice of doctor on You can now also put your name down on a waiting list if the GP you want is not taking on more patients.

You can change your GP
Foto: Helfo/Morten Rakke

Two ordinary changes of regular GP

You are permitted to change your GP twice per calendar year.
In addition to the ordinary changes, you can change your regular GP if you give notice of a change of address to the Norwegian National Registry or if your regular GP leaves the surgery or cuts his/her patient list.

You can also choose a regular GP in a different municipality to the one in which you live.

You will not receive a letter confirming that you have been assigned a new regular GP. If you require such a letter, call Veiledning (user service) at phone number 23 32 70 30.

All inhabitants who are registered in the National Registry as living in a Norwegian municipality have the right to a regular GP (general practitioner/family doctor).

You can be placed on a waiting list

If you log onto the "Bytte fastlege" service at, you can change regular GP for both yourself and your own children. You will now be able to place the same names on a waiting list. You can only be placed on one waiting list at a time.

As soon as the GP has a place available, the change is effective automatically from the first day of the next calendar month. Helfo will send a letter to confirm this if you have been on a waiting list.

To get the most out of your appointment with a GP, it is worth spending a bit of time preparing. A standard appointment with a GP lasts around 15 minutes.

Transferral of medical records following a change of regular GP

​When you change your regular GP, it is your responsibility to ensure that your medical records are transferred to the new GP. Simply contact your former GP/surgery to provide information about the new GP. You should expect to be charged a fee for having your medical records transferred even if you have an exemption card for threshold 1 user fees.

A child's medical records at a child and maternal health centre ('helsestasjon') are transferred automatically to the school health service when the child starts school. The same applies if a child changes school.

Authorising a change of regular GP for someone else

​To contact Helfo on behalf of someone else, you need to have power of attorney. Parents/guardians also require power of attorney for children over 16. This is because the age of consent in Norwegian health care is 16 years.

​«Fullmaktsskjema for Helfo-henvendelser/Power of attorney form for requests to Helfo (21-00.01)» Bokmål | Nynorsk | English 

Health records contain sensitive information and should not be transmitted by e-mail. We therefore request that you send the power of attorney to Helfo by letter post. Remember to enclose a copy of valid proof of your identity. Complete the power of attorney form and send it to Helfo, Postboks 2415, 3104 Tønsberg.