Cross-border workers in EU/EEA countries

A cross-border worker is an employee or self-employed person who returns to the country he/she lives in on a daily, or at least weekly, basis.

Dentist at work
Foto: Morten Rakke / Helfo

If you are a cross-border worker, you are entitled to health care services, including planned treatment, in both the country you work in and your country of residence.

​Family members

Dependent family members of a cross-border worker are entitled to planned health care services in the country in which they live. These expenses shall be covered by the national insurance authorities in the country of work.

For stays in other EU/EEA countries, the family members can receive necessary medical assistance by presenting the European Health Insurance Card which shall be issued in Norway.


If you are a cross-border worker who has commenced a course of treatment in the country you worked in, you are entitled to continue the treatment there even if you have retired. Your country of residence may have issued an S3 form to confirm you have the right to continued planned treatment.

Example: Gina lives in Strømstad, however has commuted on a weekly basis to Fredrikstad where she has worked as a nurse for many years. After having been examined and diagnosed with coxarthrosis, she has chosen to retire, however in accordance with her own request she will have hip replacement surgery at a hospital in Norway. This will be covered through the Norwegian national insurance scheme.