Norwegian Poison Information Centre

The Norwegian Poison Information Centre answer questions about acute poisonings and give advice about suitable treatment in cases of poisoning. The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We serve the whole country, and take enquiries from health care professionals, as well as the public.


​Contact the Norwegian Poison Information Centre (22 59 13 00) if you suspect poisoning. You will talk to a poison expert, and enquiries can be conducted in English if necessary. In case of serious or life threatening symptoms, call 113 for help.

About the centre

The main role of the Norwegian Poison Information Centre is to provide specialist expertise to health care professionals and the public on the prevention, diagnosis and management of poisoning. 

The specially trained staff answer enquiries about exposure to medical products, biological toxin and chemicals, including household products, natural toxins, pesticides and industrial chemicals. 

We assess whether a particular exposure is hazardous, and give information on the need for treatment and the kind of treatment that should be given. 

In addition to information and counselling by telephone, the Norwegian Poison Information Centre work with surveillance, revision of advisory documentation and quality assurance thereof. Furthermore, work with poisoning prevention in the form of lectures, information brochures, web pages and social media.

Do not wait for clinical signs to occur before you call the Norwegian Poison Information Centre: 22 59 13 00. Keep the number posted in your home or on your mobile phone. 

The poison experts can help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week and have information about the contents of a large range of products. In case of serious or life threatening symptoms, call 113 for help.

Product information / product registration

There is no registration of mixtures directly to the Poisons Information Centre, but we have access to information in the Norwegian Product Register, and from 2020 also information according to CLP annex VIII.

Some products on the Norwegian marked must be notified to The Product Register.

In addition, there will be a need to notify to ECHA according to CLP annex VIII for many products from 1/1-2020. This is information specifically ment for poison centres. 

See also news article from The Norwegian Environment Agency about CLP article 45 in Norway.

Appointed bodies according to CLP art. 45 in Norway is The National Institute of Public Health (poison centre) and 
The Norwegian Environment Agency (Product Register):

  • Tel: (+47) 73 58 05 00
  • E-mail:

Questions to the Norwegian Poison Centre about CLP article 45 and annex VIII, can be emailed to