Norwegian Poison Information Centre

The Norwegian Poison Information Centre provide information about acute poisonings and give advice about treatment in cases of poisoning. They offer a 24 hours emergency service to the general public and to health care professionals. Contact the Poison Information (22 59 13 00) if you suspect poisoning.

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Acute poisoning

​If you have any questions concerning acute poisonings, please call us (we also offer an English language service). The telephone is operated by specially trained staff.​

Product information / product registration

In Norway notification of products/mixtures are made to The Product Register («Produktregisteret»). There is no notification directly to the poison centre (PC). The PC cooperates with The Product Register, and has access to this information. More information about notification to The Product Register, can be found here:

According to the CLP (Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008), the appointed body in Norway is The Product Register.

If you have further questions to the PC, you may contact