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Preventing transmission is the most important step to slow down the infection rate and avoid widespread illness.

Travel advice

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against all international travel that is not strictly necessary.

Your general practice doctor (GP)

General practitioners, or GPs, are doctors who provide primary and continuing medical care for patients in the community.

Rights and health services

Everyone living in Norway is entitled to essential medical and care services.

Workers, pensioners and tourists

Find details regarding your health care rights as a worker, pensioner or tourist in Norway.

Choosing a treatment centre

​As a patient of the specialist health service, you have a right to choose your treatment centre.

Clinical trials

Clinical trials, or experimental treatments, are research into the efficacy of new drugs or new treatment methods.

Compensation of patient travel in Norway

Patient travel is transportation to and from publicly approved medical treatment.

Dental treatment in Norway

Children receive free public dental treatment. In principle, adults have to pay themselves, however there are a number of exceptions.

EEA citizens seeking to receive healthcare in Norway

As an EEA citizen you have the right to receive healthcare within the specialist health service in Norway.

Exemption card for public health services

When you show the exemption card, you do not have to pay user fees for the remainder of the calendar year. Log in to view your user fees here.

Female genital mutilation

Female genital mutilation is a traditional practice linked to local customs and values.

Healthcare rights for children and adolescents in Norway

In Norway, children and adolescents have a number of rights related to health and care services.

Health Centres and the School Health Service

The Health Centres and School Health Service are free services for all children and adolescents (aged 0-20), as well as pregnant women.

Health rights abroad

Do you live, work or plan to go abroad and may need medical treatment? Read more about your rights.

HIV infection

Information about HIV infection, what it means to test positive, rights in Norway and how to live with an HIV infection.

How to represent other people at

You can use the services offered on on behalf of someone else. There are several ways of doing this.

How to use Helsenorge's services

You must first give your consent to your health data being used. You can withdraw or amend this consent at any time.

Mental healthcare for adults in Norway

If you are experiencing mental health problems, there are many services available for you.

Messages on

You can view various types of messages from the healthcare service.

Out-of-hours medical service

All municipalities in Norway offer an out-of-hours medical service for immediate medical assistance 24 hours a day. Call til 6-digit-number 116 117.

Profile and settings on

You can update your contact details, determine which notifications you want to receive, change privacy settings, and view your access log.

Healthcare for asylum seekers and refugees in Norway

Asylum seekers and refugees in Norway have the right to healthcare for physical and mental issues, addiction problems, and dental care.

Services at

At, you will find several digital services you can use to follow up your health.

Traumatising events - advice

This may concern refugees or asylum seekers who have experienced war/armed conflict, or Norwegians who have experienced serious events.

The Keyhole

The Keyhole symbol shows that the food meets at least one of these requirements: more whole grain, less saturated fat, less sugar and less salt.


The Vaccinations service enables you to check the vaccination status of both yourself and your children under the age of 16.

Vaccination of children in Norway

All children living in Norway are offered vaccines through the children's vaccination programme.

View your medicines online

Once you have received an e-prescription from your GP, you can view a summary of your prescriptions and medicines on

What is a Summary care record?

A Summary care record provides healthcare professionals with fast access to important health information about you.

What is e-prescription?

"E-prescription" stands for electronic prescription and has been introduced throughout Norway.