Preventing transmission is the most important step to slow down the infection rate and avoid widespread illness. With fewer people in need of medical care at the same point of time, our health and care services will be better able to care for those in need. We can all help to prevent transmission - Thank you for contributing!

Quarantine and isolation

Quarantine and isolation are different, but both are attempts at limiting the spread of disease

Comprehensive measures to limit transmission of the coronavirus

There has been issued a ban on / closing of cultural events, sports events etc.

Transmission, incubation time and testing

How the virus spreads and how to prevent it

Travel advice

This travel advice is intended to reduce the risk of Norwegians being infected abroad and of infected persons coming to Norway.

Schools and kindergartens

All schools and kindergartens in Norway are closed.

Advice for parents, children and youth

Advice on playdates and how to handle daily life, how to talk to children about corona and how to support the mental health of children and youth.

High risk groups

Is the coronavirus more dangerous for some groups?

Do you need a doctor, medical attention or someone to talk to?

Advice on when you should seek medical attention, and who to contact if you need a doctor or someone to talk to.

Information about coronavirus in other languages

Brochures, videos and information material are available in many languages.