Information about coronavirus in other languages

Brochures, videos and information material about coronavirus and preventing infection are available in many languages.

Foto: Mtkang / Mostphotos

Keep up to date!

The authorities are asking everyone living or staying in Norway to read the advice provided about coronavirus at and This advice is updated regularly.

Information for high risk groups


The Norwegian Institute for Public Health has made videos with information about coronavirus in these languages: Norwegian, English, French, Arabic, Somali, Urdu, Tigrinya, Dari, Pashto, Polish, Punjabi, Sorani, Swahili and Vietnamese.

The videos are also available in Norwegian sign language.

Posters, brochures and information material

​The Norwegian Directorate of Health has made posters and information material about the coronavirus and habits that prevent infection in many languages. Download posters and information material in your language.

Services that involve one-to-one contact between individuals may open from April 27, provided the infection prevention guidelines for these services are followed. Download the infection prevention guidelines for services with one-to-one contact (Directorate of Health). 

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health has issued short brochures about coronavirus, as well as home isolation and home quarantine, in many languages.

How to deal with the situation