Here you will find information about corona. You can also use the chat at the bottom of the page to get answers to your questions. If you still cannot find answers, you can call the public information number 815 55 015. If you are ill, stay at home. Call your GP if you need medical attention. Emergency numbers may only be used for life-threatening illness or injury.

Important information for foreign short-term employees in Norway

Measures for employers and employees to avoid transmission of infection and loss of production.

Testing for COVID-19 - should I get tested?

Take the Coronavirus Self-Checker to find out if you should get tested for COVID-19.

Foreign travellers to Norway

We want both you as a visitor, and the Norwegian communities you visit, to be safe.

Travel advice

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against all international travel that is not strictly necessary.

Testing, symptoms and course of the disease

Get to know more about what symptoms you might see, who should be tested and the course of the disease.

How to receive guests from abroad

It is important that the visit does not lead to the spread of infection.

High risk groups and their relatives

Most people who are infected will probably get mild symptoms, but some may experience a more severe disease.

Gradual resumption of public life

A controlled and stepwise reopening of society and a plan for adjustments of the corona measures is prepared.

Quarantine and isolation

General advice, and an overview of who should stay in quarantine or home isolation.

Advice for events, gatherings and celebrations

It is possible to celebrate, mark an occasion and meet if we follow the given advice and restrictions.

How to prevent transmission?

Good habits to prevent coronavirus infection.

Together we can fight coronavirus - download the Smittestopp app

Smittestopp is an app that will help the health authorities to limit the transmission of coronavirus.

Do you need a doctor, medical attention or someone to talk to?

Advice on when to seek medical attention, and who to contact if you need a doctor or someone to talk to.

Advice for parents, children and youth

Advice for parents on activities with children and how to talk to them about corona.

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding

Answers to the most common questions pregnant or breastfeeding women have related to the coronavirus.

Life in the time of corona

The present unprecedented daily life situation with Covid-19 is gradually turning into a new normal.

Schools and kindergartens

All kindergartens, primary schools and after school clubs as well as secondary schools are now reopened.

Information about coronavirus in other languages

Brochures, videos and information material are available in many languages.

Coronavirus – facts and approach in Norway

What is known about the outbreak and the virus, and how is the outbreak handled in Norway?